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David Icke speaks on the Plandemic

David Icke has been on the disclosure scene for quite some time. He is a fountain of information, and this talk is no different. I saw David speak in Manhattan in 2010 right before I went to the South Pole

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Ramona begins sharing her SSP past (Part 1)

Ramona Freeborn is kind of new to speaking publicly about her Secret Space Program past. But she has been behind the scenes for a couple of years now making connections and connecting the dots of her past. Ramona was understandably

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Disinfo Drives Disclosure…unfortunately!!!

In this discussion I am joined by 2 Secret Space Program survivors, Ramona Freeborn and Joseph Powell, and we discuss the problems we see arising in the disclosure community in regard to disinformationists in the ranks. Recently I saw a

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Rebecca Rose-SSP Veteran-PART 2

Rebecca Rose is a Multidimensional Energy Intuitive Seer & Channel. She is also a veteran of the Secret Space Program. I met her in person and found her to have a very positive energy. I enjoy her perspective on things

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Joan of Angels chats with me

I met Joan recently and we really just hit it off. We had a great conversation on how things may not be going as well as some folks may seem to think. Joan has a very open mind and was

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Chatting w/ Omar-Watchers Talk

WTF Is Going On In Antarctica DOMS/CERN? In this talk session I am joined by Eric Hecker. We will be talking about DOMS/CERN on the white continent, we will also be discussing the white hats and the black hats. ✅Join

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A chat w/ Ryder Lee-Raised By Giants

Recently Ryder Lee of “Raised By Giants” started a new Rofkin channel. He was kind enough to have me on again. I always enjoy chatting with Ryder. He thinks outside of the box and is open to considering new ideas.

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After probably the longest wait I have had for an interview, which left ample time for the host and co-hosts to be informed, I had this debacle. Right before we went on air I was informed that they were friends

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