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Many think they have the scoop on what is REALLY going on in Antarctica…they do NOT!!! With ONE exception…Dark Journalist on YouTube is figuring it all out. He has found the missing link in regard to the big picture. That would be none other than Lloyd Berkner, a man I also identified as somebody that everybody needs to look into. I made this video a few years back to try and connect some dots for folks.

Also learn about IGY, International Geophysical year. PLEASE folks stop buying the unsubstantiated bullshit and find that there are folks doing REAL research and finding actual actionable intelligence.

Below is the start of a wonderful effort by Dark Journalist recently in regard to what is really going on in Antarctica, check it out and his follow up efforts. It is singularly the most dots being connected in the Secret Space Program conversation!!!



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    Janelle Anderson

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    Annie Jacobsen is a wonderful author. Her 2017 book, Phenomenon, is how I started down the path to all other topics paranormal/ESP/meditation/Dr. Greer/UFO/Illegal Secret Government.

    The book cover illustration of Phenomenon describes my experience well. The cracking open of a door. Bits of information that resonated as truth fueled my curiosity. You are on to something big.

    Hiding this technology from the rest of humanity is so selfish. We could all be evolving together if those in charge cared about the other 99%.

    Did you read Operation Paperclip? I had to listen to that one on Audible due to all the German pronunciations. Annie Jacobsen does not use a voice actor. She records her books herself. Her latest book, Nuclear War: A Scenario, is scheduled for release in March 2024.

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      I have only seen her interviewed.

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