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Behavior modification…change it!!!

With all these folks still wearing masks and doing what they are told, Ryder and I discuss the behavior modifications that got society in this mess. From “Programs” like music and media to MKULTRA and mind fracture, we try to

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Masking questions…getting answers!!!

OSHA respiratory protection expert, Scot Stansbury, joins me for a conversation on the efficacy of humans with masks on their faces. Listen to the facts of this in studio conversation and see if you think you should still be masking

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Waking up to some truths…

Silthren has been on the path of waking up to the possibility that he has SSP experiences. He was abducted around the age of six. He is here today to hopefully help others by sharing. Silthren also has much to

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Amaria returns and shares…

Amaria returns to tell us about her visit to the 5D conference as well as share her experinces with growing up SSP. Amaria also was kind enough to perform some energy work on me. It is nice to speak to

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Same game…different players???

With all the bogus hype about Covid I find it hard to understand how folks can be so ready to bow to the commands of others. Folks, if we do not stop them from dividing us it will only be

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U.F.O. encounter in the U.K.

Darren is an experiencer that has reached out after hearing me on the Leak Project with Rex Bear. We have been sharing some info for a couple of months now. Just the other day Darren emailed me and said it

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