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I spoke with Jesse Hall immediately after going to Florida for my chat with Patrick Bet David. I must say that I was way more impressed with the research and knowledge that Jesse had on these very important topics. Although I do appreciate the time I get in the larger arenas in hopes of getting my information out to the masses. I find that many, if not most, are not sure what to do with the experiences I have to share with them. Jesse was open to my very direct ways of speaking and was even appreciative of the criticisms I had presented during this chat. I feel that often times when I speak it is to those without eyes to see or ears to hear. This is my favorite conversation to date without pause. I hope all of my future chats follow this type of exchange!!!

“It would be so good to have more input to this very interesting conversation. What a breath of fresh air Eric Hecker is. I loved what he said about people standing up and having some backbone and debating those who are talking bs. We really need to do that as a regular thing in our culture…..The thing is scientists think they are exempt from being fooled but we are being fooled on depths we can’t even fathom. Even the language itself is a form of word spells so that it incites more conflict where none need exist. The language itself needs an upgrade. We just haven’t got words to describe things that have become part of our lives in the last 30 years. Nonetheless Eric has a fascinating stance and it’s great to see someone who doesn’t buy into the idea of automatic respect for others. Respect must be earned. However it doesn’t mean anything bad should happen to anyone. Herein lies my case exactly, how we don’t have to words to represent concepts that we are discovering as we evolve.” edited comment from dmward

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