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Silthren has been on the path of waking up to the possibility that he has SSP experiences. He was abducted around the age of six. He is here today to hopefully help others by sharing. Silthren also has much to say about the current vaccine issue. Having been mostly wheelchair bound due to a vaccine he recieved as an infant, he is still working on improving his situation. Silthren is an inspiration for folks to try harder to make things right!!!

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    Posted May 14, 2021 3:52 pm 0Likes

    Everyone can do the air shift, if they merely pay attention to their surroundings instead of msn. Meditation is not necessary, but IS a method…excellent interview

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    Posted July 27, 2023 5:51 am 0Likes

    I’ve HaD @ Lifetime of experiences & @ Few were Ok
    I Honestly Can Say Most PPl of Earth B More Untrustworthy Then I would Say The Off world Handlers I’ve Encountered B

    Even if this is a Simulation Style Prison & The Beings we @|| Think are off world Beings are just Simulation N.P.C’s I Prefer some of the Off world N.P.C’s
    If This was The case You’re PeT or Friend or even a Plant could B able 2 Observe U

    All I saying is Just Keep You’re mind Open & Question everything
    Even if It Seems weird
    Maybe T|-|T Feeling of Weirdness is a sign U on 2 Something

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