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    Andrew Cox

    Posted July 1, 2021 8:44 am 0Likes

    Everyone should try and help people in need. Last year I was in central Newcastle upon Tyne and saw a seriously disabled man who was in a wheelchair. The wheelchair’s wheels were jammed and he was trapped in the middle of a busy main road. I walked over and helped push the wheelchair over to the curb and onto the pavement. I made sure the guy was OK.
    What upset me was the behaviour of a large crowd of onlookers. They just stood there and watched and would not help.
    I told a friend of mine about what happened and he said he wouldn’t have helped the disabled man as he was worried he could have damaged the wheelchair and would be financially liable. I was shocked at his attitude.

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      Excellent Andrew!!! I certainly would not have just stood there standing either. What is wrong with people these days???

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    I was once chilling out on a quiet section of beach on a cloudy day, when this guy tried to get my attention. Apparently I looked like someone he knew. We got to chatting, and he revealed that he had escaped from the psych ward from the local university hospital. I was initially a bit uneasy, but then I realized he was just starved for some human contact. Even though he was slurring his words, his mind was very lucid. He was also very, very psychic. He pulling things out of my mind that I hadn’t told anyone. We ended hanging out for a few hours. I bought him some sushi and gave him a hug at the end of our time together. Not only was it a rewarding experience to help someone, but I also got some firsthand knowledge about the medical experimentation and mind control research that was covertly being done at the university.

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