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    A great chat guys. But OMG about the food we are putting in our mouth contributing towards our brainwashing and enslavement. I never thought about it till now. Knew it was contributing to our poor Heath and foggy mind and thoughts, keeping us Big Pharma customers and to never reach our full potential. But the possibility of the chemicals contributing as transmitters to mind control blew my mind 😲 Hard not to agree with that.

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      Glad to hear that the info is getting digested instead psuedo food. Be well!!!

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        Bad Actor

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        Support Sustainability…. “Eat Elite”

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    Agreed! Just three minutes in and I’ve been just as fired up, as you. It’s disgusting. And sad that you are right, we are the only country basically staying mum about everything. But damn, that sick indoctrination of CRT, it’s infested majority of the millennial population. And has spilled over in to the other gens around them, but it’s mainly millennials, but we can’t blame them, we raised them. Ya know? But that’s why we simply stay silent. Also, think of the NEW agreement between USA, Britain and Australia. Wonder if that means it’s really an agreement to align their rhetoric with covid. What’s the plan? What do we do? I’ve been posting and commenting on platforms but I’m at a loss, as I don’t have a group to lean on. Blessings. Thank you for speaking and sharing. Much love. 💕

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      Time will tell!!!

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    scottie boy

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    No your not trying to change anybodys mibd. You are only supplying data. That plank paper might be the one thing that woke them up. These are humans you are referrjng to az tree you pompus ass. What if that person waz your kid or hrother right you don’t give ul . Again you only continue to offer info. Yes some most are already gone. But we dpnt make that call. this whole thing can change in a drop of a hat. Sounds to ke like yor mind is as ridged as the one’s who think the opposite. I guess I have more hope and compassion for all humanity then you do. There are many who are scared of being judged on the fence. I know whole familys who have not taken the jab but act as if thay did to fit in enough said. Bottom line, if there is 1 soul who needs that extra support then I am there

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      I understand your position. You are looking to provode aid in the battlefield to those that are not up for the fight at the moment. I am looking to support those that are not so handicapped. I support you having the freedom to decide how you choose to apply your energy. I hope you feel the same way???

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    Andrew Cox

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    Interesting to hear the comment from Richard Dolan – perhaps he is no longer under control of TTSA/CIA.

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    Mario Osrečak

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    Better die STANDING than life on knees.

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    Martin Kerkman

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    you guys and girls are awesome and i love you

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    Andrew Allen

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    Great show you two ! The plasticity was lifted some & great information ; @ )

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    HIV is a virus you can have but not show symptoms. That’s man made too but just answering your question on the video lol

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    I was a healthy 70 year old when my daughter came home from New York City in January’21. She got mildly sick along with my wife. I got it bad. I’ve have the flu before and always got a flu shot ! This was not the same . I was bed ridden for 3 weeks and lost 20 lbs and I was not overweight! Nothing helped ! Finally it broke somewhat after 3 weeks but I was exhausted for 3 more weeks . No vaccine as they weren’t out yet . I believe the Chinese made it in a lab and the deep state blew up the lab and it got out ! I’m not on board with the vaccine but one thing for sure I was sicker than I have ever been !

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