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This was a great chat I with Shaun Attwood. He was kind of new to my topics but had great questions and understanding. I think folks are starting to connect the dots to what is REALLY going on down at the South Pole Station. I look forward to chatting with Shaun again!

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    David Benson

    Posted January 8, 2023 7:33 pm 0Likes

    Eric is a well self-educated man. I have personally met Eric at the JOURNEY TO TRUTH SSP Conference in May of 2022 that was held in Grafton, Illinois, USA. Eric was not a Presenter but just like many of us an observer that socially intermixed with all attendees. As noted in this interview, Eric is strongly opinionated and candidly open to speaking his consciousness (mind) and reveals the discernments which he basis his opinionated statements as factual observations or spectulation; a Real Nuts and Bolts individual that holds no intentions of misleading anyone. I can say that my family’s nuclear roots were also from Long Island, New York, 1896-1992 with an Uncle working as a Civil Engineer for Grumman Aircraft in Bethpage. (1111.1111)(1111.1111) = ?

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