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I REALLY enjoyed chatting with Brandy and Angelika. They are brand new to the disclosure movement and i felt very honored to be their first interview. We hit some topics really hard, and I hope folks can handle this bold conversation.

From their channel…

Just Waking Up has a goal…..
Speak Up.
Angelica and Brandy will be presenting wonderful, uncomfortable, challenging, activating conversations with beautiful humans. We are all on a journey of discovery and waking up. Lets do it together. Conversations with real people, with real experiences. We want the truth.

Today we had an amazing conversation.
Eric is an incredible human who has documented information, and first hand experience working on a project in Antarctica, detecting Neutrinos. This Neutrino detector also has potential of being the worlds largest known directed energy weapon. Eric was also a child that was subject to the Montauk project. His story sheds light on the exploitation of children through black project programs funded by the federal government.

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    What a delightful conversation!
    Can’t wait to listen to part two 🙂

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