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    Hi brother. I have extensive background in this topic along w the fundamental foundation n layers involved w such. If I can be of help I would love to come on ur show n talk further. My latest video explains a component most fail to recognize or incorporate in how society does the dirty work 4 the controllers. Here’s my info on that layer For Love Sex & Money:
    Astro update street thug style.

    Group Think, The CULTure Of Narcissism, & Tribal Gaslighting.

    The belief wars that kill truth, creativity, and stop independent responsibility.

    A very real but difficult topic of factual conversation.



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      Sent you an email. Lets chat

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    Karen lind

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    I have been a targeted individual. Possibly long time MKULTRA as well. Please feel free to contact me. I as well as have v2k 24/7 for over 3 plus years. In the beginning until I did years of research and spoke to well educated persons on this o had hallucinations like a movie. My car felt as if it was being lifted off the ground. I have much more if you are interested in my story. Thank you Karen lind Hinckley mn

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    Cejay Poehls

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    I really want to share some of my own self discoveries going through and watching this video.

    Self Discoveries

    I had a slight memory of taking medication as a child which brought to the light speculation of being involved in MK Ultra programs
    I realized that there is this hymn that I’ve been chanting since I was very young (you know the one) which also brought more speculation
    I’ve been speculating that we’ve all been involved in these programs and there is one point where Eric claims the same thing
    I remember going in for surgery in sixth grade. I went in to get my tongue snipped. I was put under for the whole thing which was likely very unneccesary. The implications for this surgery were minor and I do not fully understand my parents motives in supporting me on this.

    I experience this strange phenomena where I can gaze so deeply into something that it starts to become blurred. For example, I can gaze onto this notepad and what was once readable becomes unreadable when I gaze deeply onto it. I always interpreted the unreadable’ness’ to be blurry but now I see that the words actually don’t blur at all. They are still in the same format as they were before. I can actually go so deep that there is like an animation once my normal vision pans back into view.

    Also, I’d like to mention the dots that I’ve seen since I was very young. I describe it as this pixel-like layer that is in between what I see in reality and my vision. Those are really the only words I have to describe it. When I was younger, I also remember being able to vividly transform the dots into visible patterns such as tanks and other shapes. Essentially, I could bend them to my will and create whatever I wanted to.

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      Thanks for sharing Cejay

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    Susan Kenneweg

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    “Mystery schools” ARE real, especially today! There are many avenues to find them. There is a group I’ve been involved in since 1975. It’s the Concept Therapy Institute. Dr. Fleet D.C. started it all in 1932. All starts on the premise to Know Thyself. The courses take you to the understanding of it ALL. Hope you are inclined to check it out.

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      Thanks Susan

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        Bob James

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        Eric, thank you for running this website! I just watched your interview with Dr. Sala, twice. And will again.

        The Satanists who have been running our planet have been very thorough and operating with an unlimited budget for many years, if not centuries.

        But their end is at hand. According to the 5/10/2022 report of BenjaminFulford.net both Russia and China threatened the USA with nuclear/scalar war if the USA doesn’t eliminate the Kazarian Mafia (KM) which you may well have never heard of. Over 100 US generals flew to the Kremlin to negotiate. They agreed to dispense with normal procedures and execute KM members on sight!

        Thank God!

        Executions started last week and accelerated.

        We’re at the dawn of a new age! Fulford also had Pentagon validated video of the first Extra Terrestials to formally visit the Kremlin!

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          Bob James

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          Many traitors have been executed already but the KM, aka cabal, Deep State, etc., has substituted actors, holograms, etc., to make it look like Bill Gates, Obama, Hillary, etc. are still active. Washington, D.C.. and Hollywood are nearly depopulated.

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    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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