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I was very happy to meet Laura Eisenhower at the Secret Space Conference in Grafton, Illinois. Honestly it was a big reason I went. I was able to show her lots of my items from Antarctica, including the photograph of the Pyramid. She was very busy at the event and we basically swapped info to make this chat happen. I really enjoy Laura and her energy. I think this was the start of many great conversations.

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    Posted July 1, 2022 6:23 pm 0Likes

    I have had contact with craft already 15months later had visitor not human but human shape silver being sides head covered in silver feathers! Can call craft with out a laser! My drawing is out in the public. The being show me no aggressive action against me just observed me! As I did it no I am not afraid of it! But it took me back! Still can call them

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    Heidi Rose

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    Thanks so much for having this talk together and making your experiences and realizations available for others to hear ~ Much appreciate that! Hearing now ~ I was out there in Long Island visiting family at some point of my journey ~ Years back ~ I was trafficked in MK Ultra music industry entertainment etc etc programs through Montreal, Quebec ~ The Allan Memorial Institute ~ Started my journey of seeking truth ~ You are both so relaxed and that translates to ‘at ease’ sharing! Pleased to see you both meeting up ~

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    zoritoler imol

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    so much excellent info on here, : D.

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