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I was very happy to meet Laura Eisenhower at the Secret Space Conference in Grafton, Illinois. Honestly it was a big reason I went. I was able to show her lots of my items from Antarctica, including the photograph of the Pyramid. She was very busy at the event and we basically swapped info to make this chat happen. I really enjoy Laura and her energy. I think this was the start of many great conversations.

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    I have had contact with craft already 15months later had visitor not human but human shape silver being sides head covered in silver feathers! Can call craft with out a laser! My drawing is out in the public. The being show me no aggressive action against me just observed me! As I did it no I am not afraid of it! But it took me back! Still can call them

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      Dustin Lawrence

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      You say you can still call them?

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      It took you back? To what? Or did you mean it took you ABACK?

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    Heidi Rose

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    Thanks so much for having this talk together and making your experiences and realizations available for others to hear ~ Much appreciate that! Hearing now ~ I was out there in Long Island visiting family at some point of my journey ~ Years back ~ I was trafficked in MK Ultra music industry entertainment etc etc programs through Montreal, Quebec ~ The Allan Memorial Institute ~ Started my journey of seeking truth ~ You are both so relaxed and that translates to ‘at ease’ sharing! Pleased to see you both meeting up ~

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      Hey Heidi, As a Montreal born victim I know much about the Dr. Cameron story. Also Dr. Penfield. send me a message (pashamilton@gmail.com) and we can compare stories. Best wishes Pete

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    zoritoler imol

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    so much excellent info on here, : D.

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    anger is a great motivator. if thee can control your anger they can control you your voice is so familiar to me eric. please tell me where I can find the pic?

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    Xan Roland

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    More information please

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    My UFO Experience

    In the summer of 1997, I was on my way driving into work to send a fax to close a pretty big media deal involving all of the ufo info held by a major media player and combining it with the then top company in the IVR space (interactive voice response). I basically laid out a vision for monetizing it via 1-900-UFO-INFO. The previous night, using the T-3 line I had my company install, I downloaded NASA’s massive image files of Mars, and I had discovered what is commonly referred to as “Face 2 at Cydonia” and had posted a basic website about it. But I had woken up late and so was driving into work northwest of Baltimore. I was about a 10 minute drive away from my office, driving up a major artery, a surface road with 3 lanes on each side. I was thinking about how I’m about to close this huge deal and I’ve studied the available UFO info myself but had never seen ANYTHING. At that moment a disembodied male(?) voice said into my head “Look up.” I lifted my eyes off the road up into the sky and there, in the distance, I saw a huge, perfectly mirrored, slightly flatted sphere. It was a clear blue sky and the sun was reflecting off of the top left edge exactly as would be expected on such a surface. I’d been to tons of air shows and had studied military aircraft as part of my collegiate studies and what I saw was not a plane, not a blimp, not anything that I’d ever even heard described before. I freaked out, took my glasses on and off, stuck my head out the window of the Ford Bronco and it was still there, stuck perfectly in place, with super tall trees passing in front of it from that angle. I tried to get other drivers to look at it to confirm it was there. They probably thought I was crazy. The first red light was right by my late grandmother’s apartment building where I had spent a lot of time. She was always the “crazy” one with the almost superhuman green thumb. I tried to get an old man driving with a little boy in the front seat to look up at the object, but they were no help. When the light turned green, I slammed on the gas and flew at high speed to the next light. The object was still there, reflecting the earth below and the sky above. It was still motionless. At that light, I tried to get the pizza delivery guy driving next to me to look up and he squinted up at it, got a weird look on his face and yelled “I gotta go!” Ok, I figured if I could just get past the long golf course on my left, I could get to the lake in front of a cemetery on the right and I could get kids cutting high school class to look up with me. I peeled out and flew down the road when I realized it was hovering OVER MY OFFICE in the distance. As I stared up at it, the hair on the back of my head stood up like never before. I looked forward and saw I was going to hit the back of a luxury car with one of those spiked wheels on the back. I slammed on the brakes, pumped them, and used every limo driver skill I had to stop the car. I stopped just short, maybe 3 feet from the stopped car. I looked back up and the object was there, but (I swear to you) the object looked like it was “phasing out”. I don’t know how to explain it other than to say it authentically looked like the effect seen when people would be sent via transporter on Star Trek, as in “beam it out of here, Scotty”. As I stared at it, I again felt the car moving forward so I looked down, threw it into Park, looked back up and the UFO was gone without a trace against that now perfect blue sky.

    What in the hell was I supposed to do with THAT?!

    Cars behind were all slamming on their horns, so I put it into drive and drove the last 2 minutes to my office. People said I looked like I’d seen a ghost. I can still feel the shock right now as I think about it. I decided it had been some kind of a warning, that they didn’t want me to go through with it. They could have just let me do it. So I shut my mouth, 5 people at each company that had been teed up didn’t say a word and it just went away.

    I went on to immediately read all of Zecharia Sitchin’s books and I associate Face 2 at Cydonia with the Anunnaki since they took the gold from Earth to Mars to wait for the speeding formerly rogue Planet Nibiru to pass through the nearby asteroid belt as it does every ~3,600 years. I now understand that the Anunnaki created humans by flipping primate chromosome #3 and fusing it to #2 while simultaneously inserting their own genes to jumpstart our evolution (hence, no “missing link”) to create an easily hypnotizable (and, hence, controllable), gold-lusting slave worker to take their places underground in digging up the gold that they needed to save their own planet’s atmosphere (as monoatomic gold, the white, fluffy substance). Later, about 200,000 BC, they created the female model which happens to perfectly match the arrival, according to modern science, of “mitochondrial Eve” in south east Africa, along the river where the Anunnaki established their gold-processing facilities which are scattered there still today. Michael Tellinger has covered those sites extensively in his books. Please see Sitchin’s “Earth Chronicles”, the 7-book set starting with Sitchin’s classic, “The 12th Planet”, for all of the extended details. Sitchin.com has the books.

    Btw, I spent the next year focused on studying Cydonia and the website I created grew to about 3,000 unique visitors per day. After I posted about the “Temple of the Dolphin”, someone from NASA with access to high quality printers created and sent to me huge printouts of Cydonia including Face 2 and they were awesome. I eventually shared them with other investigators and they’re gone now but you could see so much detail!

    A full half of the website visitors were clearly identified by their IP addresses (none of which were blocked) as high-ranking members of the US military, US intelligence services, NASA, global scientists, eventually the US Congress, and then, the executive office of the President. The DILA was whacking down a full copy of the HUGE site in about 3 seconds, every 6 hours, I assume looking for changes. Clinton was obviously then in office. When I saw E001.EOP.GOV, as in Executive One, I knew the shit was about to hit the fan. That was March 1998, just before the pending supposed release of the new Cydonia images. The next day, I got an email from an unidentifiable address, asking me to call a telephone number. I looked it up and it was located in “Langley, VA”, and we all know exactly what’s located there. I went out and found a far away pay phone and called the number and I was connected to two guys who were very pleasant as they asked me a series of questions about Mars, UFOS, etc. I realized they knew who I was based on the original website registration info. In any case, I spent two hours telling them exactly what I thought about these topics, made clear that I’m a patriotic American with a family packed with war heroes, and basically added in as much of my new age, positive vibe aspects so they’d know I was basically a harmless hippie. They never answered any of MY questions but afterwards, I sort of felt like I had done my part but… I let the website eventually expire. It was all just too much.

    In any case, I feel like my own UFO experience was all the proof I needed for myself. When the new Cydonia images came out, they mysteriously managed to miss Face 2 and, much later, when a single image was released, it looked like someone had smudged away all of the previous detail with a nice photoshopping of dust.

    p.s. Three years after my UFO incident, I was living outside of DC. I finally decided to meditate deeply and then to ask to be contacted by a friendly female member of the Enki faction of the Anunnaki. I put it out there, walked upstairs, came back down, took 2 and a half steps into my room and at that moment I felt and heard quite loudly the etheric, female voice of a being say, directly into my right ear, both syllables of my first name. It literally made me jump into the air. I was so freaked out, that I ran upstairs and watched Shirley Temple videos with my friend’s little daughters. I realized afterwards that, in reality, I wasn’t prepared at all to deal with the ramifications of being contacted like that.

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    Eric we know you are on target and appreciate all the hard work you have done. Rock Right on!

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