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In this discussion I am joined by 2 Secret Space Program survivors, Ramona Freeborn and Joseph Powell, and we discuss the problems we see arising in the disclosure community in regard to disinformationists in the ranks. Recently I saw a video by Ryder Lee (a nice guy) chatting with a guy I knew to call himself Shane Bales. Now he goes by a new name. You can find his video on Raised by Giants Youtube page. Shane Sedore seems to be his name now.

I found Shane did not provide any thing to support his statements and he appears to have a solid agenda to stop the SSP disclosure. I get that entirely. There are many factions at play here. He is a very talented agent for his faction. Take notice. Ramona and Joseph were very helpful in pointing out all the inconsistencies with Shane’s stories. Shane enjoys saying that there are no facts to support SSP reality. Well, that is very easy to say when you are against that truth coming out.

Whan I can help you folks find the Truth I will do my best to share that info. When I see my friends about to get sucker punched, I warn them. When somebody’s lie goes against my Truth….my part is very easy!

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    Thomas Hackney

    Posted September 24, 2022 5:30 pm 0Likes

    Trust only the extraterrestrials who self-disclose themselves, as they have done in several instances. Humans not so much. See my video about these disclosures at alienmemos.net

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    Posted September 26, 2022 2:57 pm 0Likes

    Yes, I saw that recent video and thought there was something fishy about Shane. However, I listened to him on Penny Bradley show and she seems quite believable but did not call him out so this was confusing to me. These half truths are making it harder for those who are trying to find real answers. I wonder if they are paid shills. I think Randy Kramer is one too, as his recent interview on Journey to Truth pissed me off… he is definitely mind controlled or paid disinformation agent to muddy the waters. What a shame. Thank you for calling out the rats! Hopefully people will be able to discern for themselves.

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