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Link for episode – AGN 44 – ARISE! Guerrilla News (ariseguerrillanews.com)

I have to give myself a pat on the back for this one. I had no idea that I was going to be in the middle of a team of questioners and I think I may have given the patriot guy a hard time somewhere else before this chat. You folks know I do not like bible thumpers or flat earthers. If this was intended to make me look bad like another Patrick Bet David situation. It went in my favor. I was booked to be on for half an hour and I went well over that. I do believe I opened their eyes to some actionable intelligence they had not considered before. Anyhow check out this exchange…they asked me to return for some other panel talks. I do look forward to that!!!

PLUS a Stubblebine connection came out of nowhere. VERY ODD!!!

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    SS and PS are not authentic truthers. The BL families use GKers like them to keep us distracted. There is some force looking over us. ALL religions are BS. I can only hope this divine force will do something to help us…the perpetually abused. I have been affected physically since wireless EMF tech came about. My Doc, family and friends don’t care. I enjoyed your HARP vid on YT. I appreciate what you’re doing…Enjoy 🌴

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