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Gloria has a podcast in England and had many great questions. I enjoyed this chat a bunch. Make sure to check her channel and other work!

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    Susan Kenneweg

    Posted January 5, 2022 5:21 pm 0Likes

    Eric, you stated the big issue of people being confused is that do not ‘know themselves’. The answer to that statement is because they have no ‘basics’ to set a foundation. Folks may have inner inclinations to deeper information/Truth, yet lack the basic mechanics of how this unknown Power/energy/Consciousness works & expresses, to graduate to UNDERSTANDING. There are several groups that offer courses where one can get these basics. Yet, there are also many ‘charlatans’ who would gladly take your money & time. Now, the BIG question is: Do these folks actually seek or just pre-occupy themselves with lofty thoughts!? Proof is ‘in the pudding’! Have a great day!!

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