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After probably the longest wait I have had for an interview, which left ample time for the host and co-hosts to be informed, I had this debacle. Right before we went on air I was informed that they were friends of Lue Elizondo. They made a weird point about it and I gave them an earful. Then we went right on air and they almost immediately did the good cop bad cop and third party back up guy routine. They had no idea what to do with my info and worked very hard to make it out like I am not passing out good info.

After the interview I gave Rob a massive earful and he ran from the conversation like a total coward. Tim and Jax apologized. Then I noticed there was a nasty pinned comment by Tim the host on the YouTube posting. I contacted him and he immediately took it down. Additionally, I am unable to comment on the comments where they are now attacking my character and info. This was their intent.

I am going to be very clear about this. This interview was a sham. If you see an interview like this again, be forewarned. They are either completely ill-informed or of ill-intent. I am happy to let you the listeners decide what happened and comment.


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    This was all your opinion. We were totally professional with your interview. You had the audacity to yell at and accuse my co host of being the cause of disinformation and not promoting transparency. Then you called our friend Lue and all of his friends shills and charlatans. You wanted us to agree with everything you said without exception. I f we asked questions you berated us on the live for not going to your website, which at least I did. We expected you to attend a pre show chat that you opted out on not attending and gave no response and or email until the night before the show minutes before you had another show to be at. This is where we vet our guests. If I would’ve known you had such a deliberate intent to attack my guest and my co host this live so called interview never would of happened. We respect the guests on our show and expect the same in return. You offered neither.

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      Tim I am quite happy to let your comment thru even though you have blocked me from commenting, or anything involved with you. Yes I spoke my mind and it differs from that of you and your friends. I believe my words and actions speak for themselves. I think folks are quite smart enough to see that your words and actions also speak volumes. Thanks for the chance to show folks what is really going on in disclosure. I had lots of fun with you guys hahahahhaha.

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      Eric is a liar there are (NO) directed energy weapons in Antarctica . He as well as others sign the treaty & NDA before leaving .
      He also said he changed filters for the air system that is a lie as only the utility techs aka UT,s do that job .

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        There are DEW’s at Pole. I found them. I did NOT have to sign an NDA with Raytheoen Polar Services. Our UT’s were not very good so I did A LOT of their work. I did a lot of PM’s for the pencil whipping electrical crew too. The work order scheduler still lives with me if you would like to have my info corroborated. A for effort scumbag!!!

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        I’ll solve this whole issue. There is no Antarctic. That’s the real secret.

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          you would have a really hard time not looking stupid making statements like that slick

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      okay “UFO MAN”

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    David Benson

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    Eric, you should have been the leader of a debate team when in high school, as you would have been a winner. Yes, they want you to speculate but you stuck to your facts. You made Jax smile and laugh when telling about opening the room occupied by CIA personnel and them having to scurry around to cover displays and documents open for viewing. Rob is a “Company Man”, he might have sympathy for your mission to raise awareness to equipment that you helped to maintain while stationed in Antarctica for one year 11/201-11/2011. ( I know as having been an Air Force Veterinary Technician that if a facility had a kitchen I had the authority to perform unannounced inspections following an AF Manual, but yes I needed a Security Clearance for areas where nuclear weapons or crews which operated the delivery systems might be barracked within an alert facility. You gather a vast amount of visual data that you wouldn’t understand or comprehend, but you know what is real and not to ask questions. ). So, Rob Heatherly seemed to try to offer to you carrots that would lead you into speculation and save the Company from further scrutiny in the near future.
    I with others also believe (do not know time schedules) people are waking up to discounting government agencies for their information and status quo reports concerning the State of The Union (Disunion), but we know life is eternal and truths always bubble to the surface and float about to break or pop the consciousness which sentient beings always have and learn from within and demand verifications from the communities in which they coincide. Well, done and Jax how are the Boston Red Sox’s doing this year? Tim did not contribute his experience and that would have been a plus for the audience and a stepping stone for disclosing an unsubstantiated experience to substantiated ones. I also believe I remember the emergency (of a personnel that had an appendectomy by site medic) as AirEvac was unavailable or was that a “Cover Story”?

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      the surgery happened.

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    zoritoler imol

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    Way cool, some valid points! I appreciate you making this article available, the rest of the site is also high quality. Have a fun.

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    The us bully disgovernment better watch their Ps and Qs there’s highly advanced technology that won’t be shared with them because of their corrupt lust for greed and power you 300 and elitest know who where referring to agencies as well your integrity is questionable now until proven

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    I haven’t listened to this interview yet, but I hear you. Can you please detail your position on Elizondo? At the very least, his two years of tv show presented a lot of the key ufo info to the public, including the theee Navy UFO videos that he and Mellon primarily got released. Elizondo openly states that he has had a career as a military intelligence officer; so I get the skepticism, but do you really say he’s a shill or was that just BS from that podcast host?

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