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    the greek

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    greetings Eric, suggest looking into ‘Donald Marshall’ testimony, start with his first ‘public letter’, easily found online [youtube], as well as subsequent interviews, might answer where so called SSP memories originate and how people have been ‘played’……..all the best…btw, site looks great and plenty of good content!

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      thanks there The Greek

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    Michael Newcomb

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    Great Interview – Thank You Eric & Tony!!

    Personally no overt memories of a 20 & Back but I had a vivid dream at 16 yrs old that I would like to run by you, requesting your opinion.
    In the dream I ‘worke up’ in a battle with a sword in my hands, felt like medival times. Multiple enemies were against me in a forest and I had to make every move count to survive. Block thrusts, attack, roll behind trees – split second decisions. Finally, exhausted, I prevailed (or a truce was struck). Looking around I saw a tall well-built blonde-haired blue eyed man (kind of a Robin Hood type) directing his rank and file troops against my enemies troops, thus preventing me from being overwhelmed. Then I woke up from sleep, the dream over, anchored in my mind.

    Hearing you and Tony speak of the MILAB abductions and training, culminating in actual enlistment at age 16, got me thinking that my dream was a kind of ‘screen memory’ of a possible 20 & Back, couched in stories I had heard growing up. Your opinions?

    I did serve in the Army from ’84 to ’88 and worked in the Richmond VA Med Center from ’13 to ’18 as a Peer Specialist, positively relating to fellow veterans in the Inpatient Psych Unit sharing my own mental health challenges over the years. Is this part of the pattern of 20 & Back veterans, an urge to heal fellow trauma victims?

    Of course it could have just been an anomoly or a spiritual premonition to the intense emotional battles I was to face over the next decades, and you are free to say just that. Just wanted to hear your insights since I seem to be drawn back to this topic of the SSP time and again. Really keyed into Cpt Randy Kramer’s story a few years ago and look for stories in that same vein.


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      All I can say for sure is anything is possible

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    Nice website, Eric. I’m looking forward to getting more into it.

    Does 3/11 mean March 11th of this year, 2023, or March 2011? It’s confusing because the Christchurch earthquake happened in 2011, and you guys said Max Spears’ name as if he’s still alive, but then later you’re talking about the lockdowns in Australia and NZ and I’ve only heard about children being rescued from DUMBs the past year or so, and you continue talking about things I’ve only been aware of since 2020.

    Eric, thank you for pointing out that nobody’s going to save us; we have to save ourselves. I believe it’s designed that way so that we take whatever active role we can in helping ourselves and humanity because isn’t that what we want to look back on and see we did when it’s all said and done? This has all been set up for our evolution, I’m pretty sure of that.

    Which guy in the picture is Anthony? The one getting hit, or the one doing the hitting? Or are you not supposed to tell us?

    Thank you, Eric, for being an advocate for the children. I keep hearing about them being saved and DUMBs being blown up for the past 3 years as well, and you’re right to ask, “Where is there any evidence of this?” Plus the kids aren’t all in DUMBS. They’re on islands and in private homes, and they could be in tunnels under Walmarts.

    It’s interesting to hear you guys say that you’ve been saving them (in your sleep?). I just wish I could see proof of it.

    Eric, it’s hard to hear you and I have my laptop speaker all the way up, my blue tooth speaker as high as it will go, and the volume on this video at full blast. Anthony’s voice is way louder than yours too, by the way.

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    Thanks Eric for your boldness.
    I’m being directed to a location in Alaska. I believe it has to do with your discussions. In simple English Are you near Enoch,Elijah, Ariel, Alaska? Can we connect privately?

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