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I had a great chat with Jessica about Antarctica and what is going on in the world today. She has been working hard to bring out the truth also. Check her links and please!!!

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    That was an excellent interview! I loved it. I listen to Jessica regularly. She’s a great person. It was through her interview with you that I heard of you, and was very delighted with your being. A very good, truthful, intelligent being. And that’s how I wanted to know more. So I came here when you mentioned your website. There is a lot of things going on. One has to do a lot of research, with the right amount of discernment, to find out more. It’s ok to make mistakes, to fall on fantasy, thinking someone has told the truth. But when you find out you were wrong, forgive yourself, get up, dust off, and get back to work. There’s no time to waste. There’s a lot going on. And we need to get the knowledge, which was forcefully kept from us. I know. I started searching for a deeper life, a truer life, whilst growing up in my catholic home, and no one had a clue what I was about. They thought I was suppose to be a pretty picture of a female from the outside, and that was it. But I needed to know more. That’s where my troubles began, and truly, that’s my whole life. But you have to persevere and get what is yours rightfully to get! Love you all.

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      Thank you for the very kind words. I do the best I can and it is nice when folks notice!!!

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