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I was recently on with Rex Bear of The Leak Project and we had quite the chat about Antarctica and what I believe may really be going on with some of the technology. Previously I shared DOM Document – Deciphering My Experience which showed the world that the IceCube Neutrino Detector does more than just receive. It has the ability to transmit. So now I am sharing one of the transmission functions that is may also be put to task on. The South Pole Station appears to be a functioning Space Communications Station by means of a Torsion Field Generator.

Torsion Field and Interstellar Communication – Deciphering My Experience

Check out all of Rex’s links in the decsription of this video on YouTube

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    All allies of the USA gov and mil knows they are not keeping promises, the do not need you, out the window. This is what is breaking the only country Europeans can trust, end of another empire.

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    38:36 I think about this when writing things on paper by hand. If there aren’t any cameras to capture the information written, could there be receivers picking up an internal mental dialogue?

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