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Darren is an experiencer that has reached out after hearing me on the Leak Project with Rex Bear. We have been sharing some info for a couple of months now. Just the other day Darren emailed me and said it was time to start sharing his experiences. This is the start of him doing just that!!!

Comment below if you have had similar things happen to you…

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    Brian Grüssing

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    IMO&E, consciousness is non-local. It is everything, everywhere, always…*except “in” our heads. Many cultures have called it by many different names, but it’s nature is constant. What is science without spirit? What is spirit without imagination?

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      I agree Brian. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and checking out the website!!!

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    Would you be able to form a “library” of books from you and the people you talk to somewhere on your website? Thank you!

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      That is an excellent idea!!!

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    Awesome 👌

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