07 21

UFO Week! Eric Hecker Stargate Project CIA Damian Gray E.T. Entities

Currently residing in Alaska, Eric is a self educated research investigator that takes from his many odd life experiences and connects with others. Eric was raised on Long Island, the home of the now famous Montauk Project. His childhood included being part of the Stargate Project run by the CIA/DIA. Later on he had experiences in the Submarine Service. Following that he became a plumber for some of the wealthiest people in the world back on Long Island. In 2010 Eric took a contract to work at the South Pole Station for a year. Always an avid researcher, it was not until Eric began working remotely throughout the State of Alaska that he started making connections that his own life may not have been what he thought it was. Now he is trying to help others see that things may not be as we were told!

Damian Gray is a paranormal researcher, who has a keen interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial entities. This interest was sparked by a memory he had in 1995 of an alien abduction that he experienced in 1988. Today, he co-hosts a weekly podcast, where he interviews others who have lived through paranormal experiences, UFOs, and otherwise. He also hosts a YouTube channel where, every Sunday, he has a live paranormal roundtable discussion about all things strange and unusual.

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